La Sella del Diavolo


La Sella del Diavolo is the picturesque headland located at the foot of Poetto and which can be visited with guided tours and excursions.

La Sella del Diavolo can be reached through the buses to Poetto Beach with the lines PF, PN and PQ, which start from Piazza Matteotti (opposite the railway State Railways) and the QS line that serves the Hinterland. In the summer months you add the lines 9P (which starts from Piazza S. Michele) and the line 3P (which begins in Piazza Giovanni XXIII), from the slope Calamosca lines are available 5, 5/11, 11.

the Legend
The origin of the name is derived from a legend according to which the biblical demons, led by Lucifer, were impressed by the beauty of the Gulf of Cagliari and tried to seize it, in this thwarted by God who sent his troops under the command of the Archangel Michele hunt for Lucifer.

One version of the legend has it that during the battle, fought in the heavens are above the gulf, Lucifer was thrown from his horse and lost his seat that rested on the waters of the gulf and, petrified, gave rise to the promontory, and the other says that the demon during the battle, he fell on the headland giving it the current form.
The stretch of sea off the Sella del Diavolo is called the Gulf of the Angels